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(November 25th, 2009)

GPSMapEdit - partial source code


You may evaluate the source code of GPSMapEdit 1.0 freely.
Please note that according to the License Agreement you should purchase GPSMapEdit to be granted the right to use or modify the source code for developing own products.

Build Environment

The code is developed using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP5.

In addition, Microsoft Platform SDK (e.g. August 2002 or later) should be installed; please put the path to PSDK include files prior to MSVC's ones. (Missing this may cause the code non-compilable).

It is recommended to use some thread-safe version of STL (note Microsoft's one is not safe one). For instance, I use STLport 4.0. Indeed, GPSMapEdit is compilable with Microsoft's STL (but some specific run-time bugs are possible).

GPSMapEdit uses Win32 API directly, without any framework like MFC or WTL. The amount of open source code is about 145 000+ lines.


Any feedback about the code (places hard to understand, not enough comments, probable or real bugs etc) is welcome!


Download the partial source code of GPSMapEdit (1387 K).

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